Covid 19

January, 2021
What is Coronavirus?

COVID-19 is a new illness caused by the Coronavirus that mainly affects a person’s lungs and airways

For the majority of people, the symptoms will be mild for example a high temperature or a new continuous cough, or loss of sense of smell or taste. Some people may also experience difficulty with breathing, and feel short of breath

However, a few people will get severe symptoms and will need medical attention. This is usually older people and those with a long-term health condition for example lung disease, heart failure or diabetes. In addition, people with a weakened immune system, for example, because of HIV or chemotherapy, are more likely to get more severe symptoms. These are people who are offered the regular flu jab every year in the autumn

Almost everyone with dementia, and many older family carers are in the higher risk group. It is therefore really important to pay particular attention to guidance on how to stay safe and reduce the risk of becoming ill with the Coronavirus. Further guidance on who is considered to be extremely vulnerable can be found on the GOV.UK site

Without getting help to stay safe, someone with dementia may be a bit more likely to become infected with the virus than others

If someone has paid carers coming in and out to support them, this may also make the person more likely to catch coronavirus. This doesn’t mean that the carers should stop coming, but they should use measures like an apron, mask and gloves to reduce the risk of infection

There is a lot of advice around about Coronavirus but it is best to follow the latest advice on the NHS website to protect yourself and others