Living Well at Satkaar Asian Day Centre Leamington Spa

July, 2019

We were awarded a Grant by the National Lottery to implement a project at the Satkaar Asian Day Centre in Leamington Spa.  The Day Centre provides Day Care for Asian women, primarily from the Sikh community

The Grant is to enable us to provide a programme of assessment, advice and support to improve the health and wellbeing of the ladies

We are using our Wellbeing Passport (Passport) to empower the ladies to feel more in control of their health and wellbeing enabling them to make informed decisions which lead directly to improvements in quality of health and life

Games At Day Centre

Individuals have an initial assessment of their health and wellbeing which is used as a baseline to monitor behavioural change. A programme of advice, support and activity sessions is provided to address the identified risks. This Project being implemented by a Wellbeing Champion supported by volunteers on a weekly basis

The advice given takes into account the dietary and cultural needs of the client group, looking at acceptable dietary alternatives to reduce saturated fat and sugar intake and encouraging increased physical activity. The activities are tailored to the needs of the client group specifically older adults with health issues and limited mobility.  We run weekly sessions of chair exercises and encourage members to go on group walks in the vicinity of the Day Centre

A risk assessment is carried out for each person to ensure their suitability for exercise. We also play games to improve cognitive ability and co-ordination but also to add a bit of fun

Assessment will be repeated every 8 weeks to monitor change. We will use anonymised date to evaluate and report on behavioural change at 4, 8 and 12 months. We will also ask participants to tell us about their experience of the Project

The aim is to enable older people to live well and fulfil their potential by enabling them to address health and wellbeing issues at an early stage so that they can live their best life with optimum health and wellbeing